What is Guest Post & Why it is important for Bloggers?

Hello Friends, Do you want to know what is Guest Post? if Yes then this article is only for you because I am going to share detailed information about What is Guest Post. I know in Today’s Blogging World people’s are trying many methods to get traffic on their blog, and Guest post is also one of the best methods to get traffic on New blog.

If you’re a newbie Blogger then you don’t know about Guest Post, but for every blogger guest post is a way to drive huge traffic on Their Blog. I also use Guest posting on my blogging begging days, because through guest Post I reach out to myself and my blog with more readers.

What is Guest Post?

Before Understanding about guest post first let talk about what is Post? In Blogging Field when we writing anything on our blog that is called a post. Freinds post is a combination of Texts and Images which we publish in our blog.

Guest Post is also about writing an article, but we post that article on different blogs. Like if ShoutMeloud is India’s one of the biggest blogs. If I get the opportunity to write an article on that website it will be called a Guest Post.

In short, Guest Post is an article that we publish on different websites. It can help us to get traffic on our blog.

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Why does Blogger do Guest Posting?

If you think that why guest posting is necessary for the blogging field, then let me tell you that you can’t do Guest Posting on every website. There are limited blogs that accept guest posting on their blog.

Increase Traffic on Blog

A new blogger is always looking forward to traffic, an audience for his blog. If you do Guest posting in High Traffic or Popular Blogs So it can help you to promote your Blog on that guest post with a huge audience.

High Quality Backlinks

Guest posting is also good for SEO because through guest posting you can create a High-Quality Backlink for your blog. A backlink is just like voting, if you create do-follow backlinks on large numbers for your blog then your blog will rank on search engines.

Improve Writing Skills

As I mentioned earlier that you can’t do Guest posting on every website. Some website allows only good contents, so you need to write a proper article on that particular topic. Your article must be explained in simple language so everyone can understand it easily.

Blog Branding

When I start my first blog no one knows me, but when I started writing a guest post on some popular websites people’s started to knowing me and following my blog. After a year my blog becomes a brand because many people know that BloggingMax.com is a website where they get accurate information about Blogging. So writing a guest post can make the branding of your blog.

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Important Tips while Writing Guest Post?

The first thing before writing a guest post is you need to check the Alexa ranking and domain authority of the website where you’re going to write a Guest Post.

If that website contains any copyright text or images then don’t publish your guest post there because it is just a waste of time, I always admire that don’t do Guest posting on spammy websites.

While writing a guest post make sure to write articles of more than 600 words. Because as I experienced that almost many blog authors don’t accept Guest post which is under 500 words.

If you don’t do proper SEO on that guest post, the blog Author is not going to publish your article on his website, because every blog author wants an SEO-friendly article that will rank on search engines.


Friends, guest posting is a very important factor for all new bloggers, also make sure to add images on guest posts, and don’t create more than 2 backlinks in each guest post because it can create a bad impact on your blog.

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