How to Generate Tags for YouTube Videos in 2021?

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you how to generate tags for YouTube Videos, To rank, any video on YouTube tags is an Important Factor, If you also want to grow your YouTube Channel videos views then just read this article carefully.

Nowadays, Competition on YouTube was very high, so small YouTuber videos didn’t Rank that much, and they may face many issues while getting good engagement on their video.

If you’re also one of them whose videos are not going viral then don’t worry, I’m going to tell you every possible way that how can You generate Powerful Tags for your Videos to achieve a Good Ranking on YouTube.

How to Generate Tags for YouTube Videos

What are YouTube Tags?

If you don’t know about YouTube videos Tags then let me tell you that It’s one kind of Phrase or a word which we need to add before uploading videos on YouTube. Through relevant Tags, YouTube can understand in a better way that which type of video you’re uploading.

Also, the YouTube algorithm can easily understand that which type of audience wants to see your videos when any user search videos on YouTube that particular word is also known as tags.

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Why Generate Tags for YouTube Videos?

Whenever you upload any video on YouTube at that time you need to add Title, Description, and Tags. Because YouTube ranks that Video how to have good tags. If you place wrong tags into your videos that I’m sure you’re going to lose the ranking opportunity on YouTube. That’s why it’s very important to add Correct Tags on every YouTube Video.

SEO is a very important factor to ran videos on YouTube, without Seo, you can’t rank your videos. On the internet, there are various options available where you may generate YouTube video tags for free.

How to Generate Tags for YouTube Videos in 2021?

There are many Websites that help you to optimize your SEO and Good Tags can obviously help to get a good ranking. Let’s talk about YouTube Tags Generator websites.

All the websites I’m sharing with you are completely free, you don’t need to pay any single rupee for generating Premium Tags for your YouTube Videos.

How to Generate Tags from RapidTags

If I’m not wrong then RapidTags is the most popular website on the Internet. Every YouTube Creators visit this website for generating High-quality tags for their YouTube videos. It’s a very useful and easy website to generate tags.

On the Rapidtags website, you may find various features, like Analyser and Tracker. Through the Tracker tool, you can track that tags and check detailed information about that Tag.

Step 1: Visit RapidTags website

First, you need to visit the official website of RapidTags. After that click on the Use Tools for free button so you will redirect to the YouTube tags Generator page.

Step 2: Enter Keyword

If your videos are based on Mobile Review, then enter that mobile Related keywords on the RapidTags website and click on the search box.

Step 3: Generate Tags

After searching that Mobile related keywords, you will find many tags related to your keywords on the RapidTags website, when your tags were generated then just click on the Copy button.

Step 4: Add Tags on Video

Now go to your video’s Edit section and In tags box paste the tags which you earlier generate from the RapidTags website.

Note: If you don’t want So Many tags then you can also delete some tags while clicking on the cross icon button so that particular tag will remove from the tags Generator section.

There is also some alternative website available which you can use to generate tags. But if I talk about my experience then I will always recommend people to use RapidTags.


While generating tags on RapidTags make sure to add Relevant keywords which is related to your Video’s Topic. Through this method, your Videos Views Ratio will definitely Increase.

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