How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021 [Beginners Guide]

Hello, friends welcome to our new tutorial about YouTube, Today We will discuss how to earn money from Youtube. I know you all people are reading this article because you want to earn money online.

In this year everyone was working from their home, so if you want a Secondary Earning source that can help you to earn Constant Money Then you should definitely try YouTube.

In my personal opinion, I always recommend people to use blogging, YouTube, and affiliate marketing as an online income source. Because you all peoples can generate some revenue through this platforms.

Let’s focus on which field can help you to earn More Money, if you have good writing skills then you can also start a blog, but if you don’t have that much interest in writing a blog then there is also an alternative option which is YouTube.

How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021 [Beginners Guide]

What Exactly is YouTube?

I don’t think that any person in this world doesn’t know about YouTube, because YouTube is an American-based video-sharing platform that was started in the year 2005, and within a few years YouTube become the biggest video-sharing platform in the world.

On YouTube you can upload or share your videos with anyone, also you can watch any YouTube creator’s video for free.

You can create your free channel on YouTube. On your YouTube channel, you can upload videos, but before uploading any video you should do proper SEO settings of your video so your video can reach with Correct audience.

Nowadays YouTube is such a big platform so on YouTube you could find various categories of videos, YouTube is very popular for entertainment and educational videos.

How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021?

On YouTube, you can’t Earn Money so Easily, Because YouTube has some Policies so you should follow that and also you need to Full Fill all Requirements of YouTube.

YouTube Don’t Give any Permanent or Specific Income, It’s totally Depends on your Niche. because YouTube channels have all Types of Videos so every niche has a Different CPC.

Now I’m going to share Best 9 Ways which Can Definitely Help You to Earn More Money through YouTube.

Effictive 9 Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

1. Google AdSense

Friends Google AdSense is the best way to earn money from your YouTube channel. If you don’t know about Google AdSense then let me tell you that Google AdSense is a product of Google which helps you to monetize your YouTube Channel.

Through Google AdSense you can run some advertisements on your YouTube videos, most YouTube creators are earning money through Google AdSense.

But not every YouTuber could get Google AdSense on their YouTube Channel. Because YouTube has some policies to get your YouTube Channel to monetize through Google AdSense.

To get Monetization on your YouTube Channel, You must have Completed 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 Hours of Watchtime, Yes You Heard it right, after completing this criterion you can Apply for Monetization.

2. Sponsorship

The most popular way to generate money from Youtube is Sponsorship, but this can only work when your YouTube Channel is in a Growing stage.

If your channels have more than 10,000 Subscribers and Your every YouTube Video are getting good numbers of views then Big Company can Hires you to make Video for them, But if Your YouTube Channel is very Popular then Every Month You will get many Sponsorships.

We can’t say how much money can sponsor gives you, Because it depends on the Views of your videos, If your video has good engagement then you can charge more than $100 for every Sponsorship.

3. Sell Own Products

Guys just like Amazon and Flipkart you can sell your own products on YouTube. Because YouTube also has Store Feature where you can sell your merchandise like Coffee Mugs and T-shirts.

Many big YouTubers are earning money by selling their own Merchandise, for example, India’s one of the Biggest Youtubers BB ki Vines selling merchandise of some funny Dialogues which he used on his every YouTube Video.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online, not just YouTubers but also bloggers and many digital marketers are using Affiliate Marketing to generate Revenue.

Many YouTubers promote their own gears which they used in daily life like DSLR, tripod, and electronic accessories affiliate links into the description of their videos.

If you own an unboxing or a review-related YouTube channel then you can also promote affiliate Product links. If you are making a smartphone unboxing video then you can share that Smartphone Affiliate Link in your video’s description.

5. Selling Course

On YouTube, many Youtubers selling their own Courses, If you have Blogging Tutorial YouTube Channel then you can create a Premium Course of 8 to 10 Video’s where you can guide people’s everything about Blogging.

This method is my personal favorite Because I also own YouTube channels where I’m selling my Affiliate Marketing Course, In that Course, I share my Affiliate Marketing Strategy that how I generate Huge Revenue through Affiliate Marketing.

You can also create a Premium Course, but before this let me tell you that Your channel has good subscribers reach, This Method will not work for Less Subscribers YouTube Channel.

6. Superchat

If you own a Live streaming YouTube channel then this method can generate a Huge Revenue. If you’re doing live streaming then you can enable Superchat Option.

When you’re doing live streaming your Audience can donate money from ₹100 to ₹10,000 through Superchat, This Amount your audience is donating just because they want their Name Pinned in the Comment box for few Minutes.

7. YouTube Premium

YouTube running this YouTube Premium Feature from 14 November 2014. YouTube Premium is a Paid Feature, When Any person Buys YouTube Premium then he will be able to watch any YouTube videos without any Advertisement.

If your YouTube Videos are Monitizated through Google AdSense and that videos were playing on YouTube Premium then YouTube pays you some amount, this feature also helps to generate some revenue.

8. Join Button

Join Button is a feature of Youtube, When your channel has completed some Subscribers criteria then YouTube enables Join Button Feature on Your YouTube Channel.

When your Subscribers pay some amount they will get the Join Button feature, through this join Button they will get some additional Features like They can demand a call and etc.

9. Product Review

When your YouTube Channel becomes popular many companies may contact you to review their products. These Companies send you Their products through courier and they demand you to make a Dedicated video and give a good review about their Products.

After giving a review of their Products, you will get a decent amount. Big Companies can give you more than $200, in case you have More than 1 Million subscribers Channel then you can charge $500 to $1000 for Creating a review video of their Product.


Friends today I shared all methods which can help you to earn money from Youtube. In this article I shared Enough Information about YouTube, You can share your opinions with me in the comments.

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